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our purpose

The Ferm produces a wide range of fermented products made of commonly discarded byproducts. We work with a small group of trusted vendors and charities to divert waste and transform them into healthy probiotic foods for everyone.

Our purpose is to normalize utilizing all parts of the harvest into our diets and reduce greenhouse gas emissions with one jar of kimchi at a time. Our vision is to create a circular economy within the UK food systems that are more self-sufficient and culturally diverse. We also hope to bring better gut health through more probiotic meals. Our mission is to continuously research and experiment on new ways to reduce food waste and collaborate with all levels of the supply chain.


We’re proud to be playing our part in helping to alter tastes and perceptions about food waste. Climate justice is our ethos and we will dedicate ourselves to bringing ethically produced sustainably sourced jars of perfection to you. Follow us on social media to learn when our workshops are and when our next farmers market stall will be!



Photographer credit: Kakinoki Masato 


I'm from Gwangju, South Korea, a town known for good food and is the home to the World Institute of Kimchi. I've participated in Kimjang, the practice of the whole neighborhood coming together to make kilos of kimchi, since I was little. It is a collective ritual that I shared with friends as I studied abroad, now through partnerships with restaurateurs and farmers.


Through MA Design for Social Innovation and Sustainable Futures, I researched food waste, food insecurity, and food sovereignty. After writing my dissertation on biases within food systems, I decided to reclaim my heritage and take up space in the UK kimchi market. I researched Korean food anthropology, archived preservation methods and low-waste generational insights, and experimented on how these can be adopted in the UK.


The Ferm is the medium of expansion of my low-carbon lifestyle and activism by tackling systematic food waste on production and manufacturing levels. I hope to exemplify the joys of sharing and circular economy as we innovate our way out of climate crisis.

- Rebecca Ghim, founder of The Ferm -

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